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A pathway leads into the floating mountains of the Highlands

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Tales of Fablecraft adventures don’t require much prep, but we put together some handy resources so you know what to expect before your first session.

GM Survival Guide
A Gloom Harpy hypnotizes Wildwood animals

Spoilers Ahead!

If you plan on playing any of our Tales of Fablecraft adventures before you run them, you may want to skip this guide, as we reveal ALL the endings!

Protect the Star Seeker

Your First Adventure

A cover that reads “The Road the the Starfall Festival” with an image of glowing blue green cairns through a grassy field with twinkling lights.
The Road to the Starfall Festival
A Longstrider camp at sunset. Two caravans sit with doors ajar. A Grasshound naps next to a burning campfire. Bioluminscent grasses glow in the fading light.
Explore the Long Meadows
Three Timberwolves stand among the trees in a Wildwood. Their fur is composed of bark and moss. Their eyes glow red.
Observe the native wildlife
A battlemap set in a circular clearing in the Long Meadows, depicted from above. Rock lines the edge of the clearing. Stones and bioluminescent flowers are scattered across the sparse ground.
Avoid traps
A male Longstrider with white, shoulder-length hair and a white beard. The pigment on the top-half of his face is a bright sky blue. He stands with one hand on his hip, and holds a pipe in the other. His expression is friendly.
And meet some friends along the way

The Road to the Starfall Festival  is the perfect introduction to Tales of Fablecraft. This kit includes a session breakdown, adventure-specific tips, and some fun content to get your players hyped!

Starfall Adventure Kit

Beat the Clock

A Puzzle-Filled Escape

A cover that reads 'The House in the Manor' with an image of a jagged sloped path leading to a large manor house.
The House in the Manor
The derelict hallway of a manor house. Wooden beams hang from the ceiling. The staircase has collapsed. A dollhouse and grandfather clock are present in the room and, curiously, look pristine.
Explore an abandoned manor house
A Bookworm in a library. This huge, worm-like monster has a body composed entirely of books. Its eyes glow turquoise as it roars. Torn pages fly from its body.
Meet the other house guests
A battlemap set in a rectangular hallway, depicted from above. Two keyhole shaped windows are on the east and west walls of the room. A staircase winds up and along the north wall. A large Persian-style rug sits in the center of the wooden floor.
Avoid traps
A sentient grandfather clock. Two eyes glow from the fretwork above its golden clockface. Four keyholes are visible above its wooden casing. The case door is open, revealing two cylindrical weights hanging within. The clock stands in a room with a vase of roses on the right, and an ornate door on the left.
And make some timely acquaintances

The House in the Manor is an escape-room style adventure that’s full of surprises! This kit includes an invitation from the Baroness, and ingenious puzzle solutions that your players will almost certainly ignore.

House in the Manor Adventure Kit

Very Fishy

Murder on the High Seas

A book cover depicting a ship sailing on a turquoise ocean. The ship has purple sails with blue patterning. Large rock formations protrude from the water. A huge kraken-style beast breaks the surface of the seawater in the foreground.
Murder on the Tipsy Pearl
A view across the rear half of a large ship's deck, turquoise sea and blue sky visible in the background. The ship has large indigo sails with blue patterning. Cargo is tied to the base of the sail masts. A quarterdeck is visible at the stern, with staircases on either side.
Explore the Coral Coasts
Three Singing Sandlers. These amphibious creatures are sitting on a rock, their throats inflated like that of a frog. They are blue and purple in color, with wide mouths and long, pointed ears that curl at the sides. Glowing blue, wavy staves of music protrude from the mouths of two of the Sandlanders, as though they are singing.
Enjoy the local entertainment
A battlemap depicting a coral-colored beach from above. A grass-covered cliff lines the north edge of the beach, and turquoise water meets the sand at the south. Two discarded longboats are visible on the shore.
Avoid traps
A female-presenting Wavechaser looks out from a ship's crow's nest. She has hot pink hair worn in a mohawk, a warm brown skin tone, and purple patterning on the side of her head and down her arms. She wears a deep blue outfit with a halterneck neckline, fitted bodice, and a blue cape that flows in the wind. She holds a telescope in her hands. Two pelicans with white and hot pink feathers are at her side – one perched on the crow's nest, the other in flight.
And soak up some rays along the way

Murder on the Tipsy Pearl is a thrilling murder mystery adventure that’ll keep your party guessing. GMs can find a guide to the adventure directly inside our game – and download the handy resource below to share directly with players!

Tipsy Player Tips

Magical Mayhem

An Unlikely Fairytale

A book cover that reads 'Once Upon a Wildwood.' The cover image depicts two adventurers walking through a dense, lush Wildwood. Huge trees line their path, making the figures look tiny by comparison.
Once Upon a Wildwood

Once Upon a Wildwood breaks most fairytale rules as your party journeys into an enchanted woodland. Read the full adventure overview and character backstories here.

Criminal Activity

Breaking and Entering

A book cover that reads, 'Heist Society.' The cover image depicts a female-presenting Highlander leaning against a wall in a town or village. She has white-blonde, mullet-style hair with golden gemstones at the side of her head. She wears a black and green hooded top with gold detailing. She holds a red flower between her fingertips and wears a mischievous expression.
Heist Society

Set in the Mythan Highlands, Heist Society involves – shockingly – a Heist of epic proportions! This toolkit will tell you all you need to know to assemble a team and pull off the perfect crime.

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