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The Game

Tales of Fablecraft will go on general release in mid-2024. Wishlist us on Steam to receive an update when Tales of Fablecraft becomes available! If you’d like to play Tales of Fablecraft before then, join our Closed Beta by purchasing a key here.
You’re in luck! You can still support Tales of Fablecraft and snap up a key for Closed Beta via PledgeManager.
Thanks for backing our Kickstarter! Here’s what you need to do next:
  1. 1. Download Steam to your device and create a Steam account if you haven’t already done so.
  2. 2. Log in to your Steam account. Click the + ADD A GAME button in the bottom left-hand corner, and select ‘Activate a Product on Steam.’
  3. 3. When asked for your product code, enter your Steam key code.
  4. 4. Tales of Fablecraft will appear in your Game Library. Select it, and you’ll be prompted to download the game.
  5. 5. Embark on an epic adventure!
Check out our Closed Beta Help document for guidance – we keep it updated with known issues and answers to common questions!
When Tales of Fablecraft goes on general release, it will be free to play! You’ll be able to download the game and a starter adventure free of charge. New adventures, battlemaps, and game assets will be available to purchase from there.

Tales of Fablecraft is a digital tabletop roleplaying game that you can play online or IRL with a group of (typically) around 4 or 5 friends.

A tabletop roleplaying game blends storytelling, problem-solving, and game mechanics like dice rolls, to help you and your friends tell a collective story.

One of your group will be the story leader – also known as the GM – while the rest of you will play Mages, and create characters with unique skills and spells. Together, you’ll go on imaginary adventures through the magical world of Mythas, working collaboratively to overcome obstacles, defeat enemies, and complete quests, rolling dice to determine your success. Our digital platform helps to bring your story to life around you through artwork and music, providing helpful pointers and lore along the way to create a seamless, fun, and intuitive experience.

Tales of Fablecraft will be free to download on Steam and includes a free starter adventure – add us to your wishlist now!
Tales of Fablecraft will be free to download on Steam and includes a free starter adventure – add us to your wishlist to help unlock bonus rewards! Kickstarter backers will get early access to the game when it launches.
Yes! There is integrated video and text chat on our platform, so you’ll be able to see your friends’ beautiful faces while you play – which, frankly, is a relief to all of us.
You can play Tales of Fablecraft in person too! You’ll still manage your character’s information and dice rolls from your digital device, but you can toggle off video/audio chat since you’re seeing each other IRL, and you can screencast a spectator view of the platform so that you’re all looking at one screen.
Nope! We love D&D, but Tales of Fablecraft is a completely different game with a unique game system, a new world setting, and different character types. We wanted to start from scratch and create something that you can dive straight into and learn as you play, while keeping the depth of story that we've all enjoyed in other RPGs.
We’re currently focusing on making Tales of Fablecraft as good as it can be – but it would be wonderful if, one day, players wanted to adapt different games or worlds to play on our platform. You can upload your own assets so if you want to play a different setting using the Tales of Fablecraft dice system, the power is in your hands. We’d love to hear how it goes!
Tales of Fablecraft uses uniquely designed dice. You’ll roll a pool of these dice to determine the degree of your success or failure, and you’ll roll with different dice pools depending on whether you’re in combat or trying to perform an action in the story. Since Tales of Fablecraft is a digital game, we’re able to customize your dice as you progress, so that your dice evolve and improve along with your character. You can learn more about the dice system by downloading this game guide.
The sessions in our ready-to-play adventures are designed to last around 90 minutes. Session length will vary depending on how you play, and you can homebrew adventures to suit your playing style. If you’d like to see shorter or longer pre-made adventures, let us know! Tweet or comment @fablecraftgame on social, or slide on into our DMs at social@riftweaver.com.
Tales of Fablecraft is recommended for 2-6 players. One player will be the GM (the person running the game), and the other 1-5 players will play the intrepid, brave, devilishly-good-looking heroes.
Combat is turn-based, and takes place on an interactive on-screen battlemap. You can do things like see your party and enemies, move your character, view your chosen spell’s target area, and then roll dice to determine whether you hit your target and if so, how hard. Our platform keeps track of turn order, abilities, and remaining health, helping combat to run smoothly while maintaining all the drama of the fight!
You can download this guide to read more about the game system. Keep an eye on our social channels for more videos about gameplay!
We’re so glad you asked – it’s almost as though we prompted the question. But that would be impossible, wouldn’t it? We’ve never even met. Join us on Discord!

The Story

Mythas is a new, vibrant and hopeful world setting, and the first to be brought to life on the Tales of Fablecraft platform. Mythas is built on the remnants of an ancient civilization, while today, nature dominates and magic runs wild. The magic that runs through Mythas has infused the people and creatures with characteristics of the land. The people who are able to manipulate the magic of the world are known as Mages. Download this guide to learn more about our world!
Being a Mage in Mythas is akin to being a superhero – you can wield magic in a way that others cannot. Anyone in Mythas can become a Mage – it happens at random, at any time in someone’s life. As such, Mages have diverse backgrounds, classes, skills, spells, and personalities – all of which you will select during character creation.
Our game will launch with a set of 20 player character portraits, which represent just a tiny portion of people that might exist in Mythas. If the initial character portraits don’t speak to you, you can upload your own. We can’t wait for more character artwork to become available, whether it’s from our team, the artist marketplace, or you! If there’s an artist you think we should work with, or a specific look you want to see, let us know on Discord or at social@riftweaver.com. If you are an artist, check out our collaborators page and please get in touch!
Absolutely! We’ll also keep growing our library and encouraging new artists to join our marketplace, so that you’ll have more in-game artwork to choose from, too.

Mythas is a hopeful world with room for everyone, where people are judged by their actions and words; not by their appearance. There is no inherent conflict in Mythas. Villainy is a choice opposed to a birthright. Mythan physical traits are bestowed by the environment of your chosen homeland, overlaid onto any human traits that you might want to bring along from the real world. That means that any physical human traits – skin color, gender, hair type, body type – as well as invisible traits – sexual preference, diversability, an inexplicable love for Rick Astley – belong in any region. Your chosen homeland does not have any bearing on your character’s personality or skills unless you want it to.

The 20 character portraits available in the first version of our game will never do justice to the glorious technicolor of humanity. As we grow, it’s a top priority to welcome more artists and fill the Tales of Fablecraft library with artwork that’s fully representative of the world we live in.

You wouldn’t be digging for spoilers, now, would you? You’ll encounter all kinds of creatures and monsters in Mythas. Some are a blend of real-world animals, plants, and the land itself, with a little magic thrown in for good measure. You may run into more traditional monsters too, who are said to have formed whenever what happened to the Old World happened. While not all creatures are dangerous, if you’re wandering the Mythan wilds, you’d be wise to keep your wits about you at all times.
Only if you want to! It’s entirely possible that you already have a funny accent, but you just haven’t realized it yet. In Tales of Fablecraft, your character can be as similar or different to real-life you as you want. Roleplaying presents a fun opportunity to “try on” different personalities or identities, but don’t feel obliged to go full Method Actor if you don’t want to!
Yes! You can homebrew up a storm on our platform using a library full of assets. We would love to hear about the stories you cook up – share them with us in our #tales-from-mythas Discord channel or via a social platform of your choice!
As any cat will tell you, humble words in an FAQ simply will not do them justice. We’ll wait for you to meet them in Mythas – and should you happen upon them, take it from us that you’d be wise to treat them with the respect they deserve.

For Creators

We are lucky to partner with dozens of talented artists to create our characters, landscapes, creatures, maps, magical items, and beyond. The creativity, skill, and experience that these human artists bring to everything they do is what makes our world so unique and special. We have not used AI art, nor do we intend to do so in the future. Instead we will continue to pay our artists a living wage so that they, in turn, can continue to make magic.
We’re building an integrated marketplace that will allow artists to sell work directly to players. This is still very much in development and we’ll be launching with a select group of artists while we iron out the details.

More Questions

Contact us in the #ask-the-devs channel on Discord, or drop us an email at support@riftweaver.com. We’re a tiny team at the moment, but rest assured we read everything we receive, and we’ll get back to you as quickly as we can!
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