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A new Digital Tabletop RolePlaying Game

Tales of Fablecraft, a digital TTRPG with built-in video chat, is being played on an iPad. An image of the Wildwoods is on screen, in which two adventurers are preparing to explore a path leading through the trees.
A Tales of Fablecraft story scene set in the Highland Caverns depicting a Rock Creature, set in a phone frame. Tales of Fablecraft is a tabletop roleplaying game that can be played on any device, Android or iOS.

Tales of Fablecraft is a cooperative digital tabletop RPG that’s vibrant, hopeful, and easy to pick up and play. Get started quickly, journey into the magical world of Mythas, and enjoy rich adventures in sessions of 90 minutes or less!

Gameplay made easy

Play in person, remote, or both

Tales of Fablecraft, a digital tabletop roleplaying game that’s easy to play with friends, is being played on a laptop at a table, with other players sitting nearby. There is a picture of a rock dragon and video chat on the screen.

All you need is a device and your adventuring crew – we’ll take care of the rest.

Gameplay Overview

Roll, baby, roll

Turn-based, strategic combat

Interactive battlemaps, digital dice-rolls, and a brand new game system make combat seamless while delivering all the drama you know and love.

Everything in one place

Your complete adventuring toolkit

Welcome to Mythas

New world.
New roles.

In Mythas, magic runs wild and infuses all living things. Mages wield a unique set of powers influenced by their chosen homeland, class, and fighting style.

Book of Mythas
Top-down view of a Tales of Fablecraft battle map.
Headshot photo of Sam Burley

Artist Spotlight

Sam Burley

Meet the incredible concept artist and illustrator who's making a splash with his fabulous coastal creations!

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The most adorable herd of magical grass cats the world has ever seen. They are from the Long Meadows in Mythas, the world setting for Tales of Fablecraft, a digital tabletop roleplaying game.

Adventuring is better with friends!

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